Worshipping from Home

With our worship service being cancelled for today, you can still participate from home by following St. Paul Lutheran Church Olean on Facebook.  Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/stpaulolean

Today’s bulletin highlights for this First Sunday in Lent:

Our Christian sympathy to the family of Jeanne Heller who passed away Thursday. Her memorial service will be held at a later date.

The Women of the ELCA General Meeting will be held next Sunday after worship services.

A sign-up sheet is on the bulletin board for Lenten refreshments. Instead of assigning groups this year to serve refreshments after Lenten services, you can provide them for a date that is convenient for you!

The German Dinner is next Sunday following worship services!

Reading for the Prize – Sunday School students still have the opportunity to read a book from the church library or a portion of your Bible, attend Sunday school and tell your teacher and classmates about what you read! Then, choose a prize from the basket.  This event will run from February 1-March 1.

Though the weather outside is frightful, the Y is so delightful! Sign up and go, sign up and go, sign up and go – to the Congregational Lick-Awa”Y” at the Southeastern Indiana YMCA in Batesville on February 28 from 5:15 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. We will swim, walk, play, eat, enjoy each other’s company, and forget about the frigid temperatures for a few hours. See the newsletter and the poster in the educational building or contact Teresa Lawrence for more information!

W.O.W. Outing – Mark your calendars and sign up for a return trip to Derby Dinner Playhouse on Thursday, August 20, to see the final installment of Church Basement Ladies. Reserve your ticket soon!

Prayer List:  Harold Stegemoller, Brian Evans, Bill Westmeier, John Bunselmeier, Donetta Benham, June Hurelbrink, Patsy Ralston, Leonard Rohls, Merrell Webster, Dorothy West, Ethel Stegemoller, Esther Boyles, Andy Grossman, Mary Sue Thompson, Rich Apuzzo, Joyce Mercier, Barbara Boggs, Polly ‘Fox’ Kellerman, Camille Evans, Erich Schaefer, Derek Bair, Koltyn Huntington, Steve Laswell, Mary Schwanholt Dickerson, Lori Helton Welker, Roberta Benham, Earl Laker, Dottie Halcomb, Gavin Frey, Gene Mockbee, Ruth Booster, Karen Philip, Kasey McAdams, Alice Bruns, Helen Carter, Judy Lengerich, Cathy Salyer, Julie Harrington and all of our friends who are in need of healing. We also pray for those serving our country in the military: Jacob Menchhofer, Whit Wright, Matthew Tinker, Isaac Everage, Mathew Vogel, Tim Cassidy, Adam Thieman, Jessica Belt, Logan Hudson, Tyler Hudson, and James Bardine, and Travis Cornelius.

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