UPDATE – Special Congregational Meeting

A Candidate for Pastor, St. Paul Lutheran Church, has been recommended by the Call Committee and has been interviewed by the Church Council. The Council voted to move to the next step of the call process. Council has informed the Synod office, and has extended an invitation for the Candidate to come to St. Paul, Olean, on August 3, 2014 to conduct our worship service, to answer questions from the congregation, and to join us for lunch and the church picnic.  A representative from the Synod will also join us on that day.

If you would like to submit a question in advance, please submit those in writing (include your signature) to any Council member prior to the beginning of the Q/A session.* 

Immediately following the Q/A session, there will be a Special Congregational Meeting for the purpose of a vote to accept the Candidate. If the Candidate is accepted, there will also be a vote regarding the compensation package.

We ask God to guide all of us in our decision-making and lead us in the direction He would want us to go.

*A statement in the July 20 bulletin insert that anonymous questions would be accepted was in error. No anonymous questions will be accepted.
St. Paul Lutheran Church Olean