Thirst and Water

John 4:5-26

The Gospel of John contains a number of significant conversations. At one point Jesus talks about his being the light of the world; another time he speaks about being the bread of life. Toward the end of his life, Jesus converses with Pilate about truth. Today’s conversation takes place near the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, and it is about thirst and water. Remember the story of thirst and water with which we began this week?

On one level, the conversation here is between two outsiders, a Samaritan woman and Jesus, who is keeping a low profile. It seems the Pharisees are out to get him because of his upsetting word and witness. On one level, the odd couple in this story are talking about common thirst and cool water. But these are deep waters. They are really talking about a spring of water that gushes up to eternal life. Listen to what these two are saying. And take a deep swallow.

Holy God, creator of light and giver of goodness, you give us water to drink so that we will never be thirsty. Help us drink deeply and embolden us to share that water for any and all who are thirsty. Amen.

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