The Guide for our Past, Present and Future

1 Samuel 16:1-13

When Jesus was put to death, his earliest followers had little to read or study in order to learn about faith in Jesus. Some had heard him, of course. His stories were repeated and his miraculous deeds were remembered. Some followers even believed that Jesus was raised from death, although many were skeptical.

One thing that took place among Jesus’ Jewish followers—the great majority at first—is that they turned to their Bible—the Old Testament or Hebrew Bible—and used it to guide them. Today we hear from 1 Samuel 16:1-13. Its words speak about the first Hebrew King, Saul, whom God had rejected, and the second Hebrew King, David, who would become the greatest king until Jesus. Suddenly, in these words the early Christians (Jew and Gentile) were given roots in the past, God’s commandments in the present and hope in Jesus for the future.

Lord God, as your Spirit came mightily upon David 3,000 years ago, send your Spirit upon us, for we pray in the name of Jesus, our eternal king. Amen.

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