Painting bold colors on a pastel faith

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My usual pattern is to spend time relaxing on Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and my laptop, working on the church website.  This morning, my challenge was to find some catchy and amusing way to encourage parents to bring their children to Sunday school.

We at Olean, like at other churches, are wondering what to do. How can we motivate people to attend Sunday school and church?  What is the answer? What are we doing wrong?

So, back to my challenge.  I looked through Pinterest and searched Google. I looked through older, more traditional resources I have at my house. Nothing seemed to be appropriate. I’m a grandma. I worry that whatever I would say would be perceived as lecturing or an old lady being judgmental.  Definitely not my intention!

Then, I spied a blog where a bright young mom had posted “Painting Bold Colors on My Pastel Faith”, and I realized that she was not only talking to her generation, but she was also talking to all of us about our faith.  I’m including an excerpt from her blog as well as the link to her blog, and I’m encouraging you to take a few minutes to read it.


So many things compete for our time. We have to be deliberate in setting aside regular, quality time with God.  As moms, I know we’re busy. But our kids need to see our faith is number one in our lives. If it’s not, why should they give it a place of importance in theirs?

It is the foundation we need to confront the hard places and make the tough stands that life and motherhood demands. In the Bible, Daniel, Paul and Joseph were all men who faced incredible hardships.

Daniel went up against lions. Paul spent much of his adult life in prison. Joseph weathered slavery and prison.

These men met these challenges with perseverance, integrity and courage. Those qualities didn’t develop overnight. They had been cultivated over many years, as they boldly pursued a relationship with Jesus.

None of us knows what our lives will bring. I want to my heart and mind to be ready for whatever God requires of me.

Living a faith of pastels is safe. Pleasant enough. We certainly won’t offend anyone.

But I’m finding I like the challenges and blessings of living faith boldly.

Maybe there’s a little boat-rocker in me, after all.

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