Just for Kids: The Candy You Can’t Have

Matthew 6:19-21

Shannon and Hannah did one thing really well: they bickered. They fought about whose turn it was to sit in the front seat, who got the choose the movie for movie night, who got the first cookie out of the oven and the last cookie in the cookie jar.

One day, there was a contest at school. One of the prizes was coconut M&M’s, Hannah’s favorite. But guess who got the prize? Not Hannah, but Shannon. Shannon, with an evil smile, knew this would but Hannah. And sure enough, Hannah started bugging Shannon right away for the treat.

We’re often like Hannah, aren’t we? We want what we want and we want it right now! We simply must have that new gadget, that new toy, that new electronic game. We obsess over its fabulous features and how much it will improve our lives. We’re sure we need it, and we need it right now! No one else can have it, especially not someone as close as a sister.

We often put our wants above God. We do not desire to learn God’s Word, we do not try to outdo each other in serving our neighbor, and we certainly do not gladly and graciously give those things we really want to our sisters and brothers. We think life is all about us.

But God invites us to repent of worshiping ourselves (putting ourselves first). Through His good gifts won by Jesus on the cross, we can enjoy His forgiveness, grow in grace, and love others as we would love ourselves. Through Christ, He forgives our selfishness and greed. In Him, we find satisfaction.

Journal: Think of a situation in your life when you simply had to have something special. Write about that experience. How long did it satisfy you? Did it break, get lost, or become outdated? What is something that always lasts? Write about this too.

Pray: Dear Lord, thank You for the joy I find in You. Please help me not to treasure the things of the world, but rather to love You and Your Word. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.