Just for Kids: Amazing Animals

Genesis 1: 26-31; Psalm 139:13-16

Did you know…

  • a tiny snapping shrimp makes one of the loudest sounds of any living creature?
  • an adult dragonfly lives a short life?
  • honeybees have two stomachs – a honey stomach and one for digesting food?

God’s creation is amazing. Some animals have over a hundred eyes (scallops), others can migrate across continents (butterflies), and still others can hear using ears on their front legs (crickets). God’s creation is as diverse as it is interesting and beautiful.

But as we consider the amazing qualities of animals, we know that even more special than any animal is each child of God. God’s highest, best creation was Adam, made in the image of God Himself.

In Genesis 1, we learn that God used words to create everything in the world. On the sixth day, God made Adam and Eve. After that “He blessed them” (v.28) with all the gifts of the earth, with each other, and with His loving presence.

But sin entered the world. With it, God’s image in Adam and Eve was tarnished. It’s the same with us. The sin we commit mars our lives.

Psalm 139 also tells us that God made each person like a perfectly knitted creation. In other words, we were not an accident! We are exactly who God wants us to be, and because of Christ’s love for us, we know we are even more treasured as rescued, forgiven, and redeemed children of God!

Journal: In your journal write these words: I am dearly loved by God.

Pray: Dear Jesus, thank You for creating me wonderfully and beautifully. Thank You for taking away the sin that mars the perfect creation You made. Amen.