Just for Kids: Middle School Jitters

Philippians 4:6-7

Already two years before Paul moved up to middle school, he began worrying about what it would be like. He’d heard that the eighth graders were bullies, the lunch ladies were grouchy, and the homework was difficult. His older sister had been in middle school at the time. It seemed to him that all she did was complain about school. He had been looking forward to more sports in middle school, but from everything he heard, those were a challenge too.

At times, the hardest thing about life is knowing what to expect and not being afraid about what’s to come. When we don’t know what to expect or when we expect the worst, life can seem like one scary episode after another. Maybe we dread going to the dentist, taking a difficult test, or playing in a piano recital. But the truth is that often our anticipation for such an event is much worse than the actual event itself.

Worry is not just a bad idea; it’s a sin. God expressly tells us to avoid worry, just as we should avoid other sins. Why? Worry makes us doubt God’s care. Worry makes us think of only the worst, when God promises to give us good things.

After all of Paul’s worrying, he is now in sixth grade, and guess what? He is enjoying middle school. It isn’t perfect, but he is on the track team and in the drama club. And the homework isn’t so bad. Even the lunch ladies are nice.

So, put your worries on a shelf, and place each day in our Savior’s loving hands. Your Lord Jesus, who died to save you, will certainly carry you through all the difficulties in life.

Journal:  Write a prayer asking God to help you with something you’ve been worrying about. Imagine placing that worry into God’s strong hands.

Pray:  Dear Jesus, thank You for always caring for me. Help me trust in You and give You all of my worries. In Your name I pray. Amen.