Just for Kids: Forgiving When It’s Hard

Psalm 103:1-5

Over the weekend, Alexandra had created the perfect duct-tape pencil case. She had snipped, torn, and stuck her way to something perfect for school.  Then, in a moment, her hard work had been ruined by Ian, the class clown. He cut through it with a pair of scissors.

“Ian!” Alexandra had shouted. “Why did you do that?”

“It’s just a bunch of stuck-together tape,” he had said.

Alexandra was angry. She’d spent a long time on the project, and now it was ruined. Worse yet, Ian wasn’t even sorry.

Sometimes, it’s hard to forgive people who hurt us. And it’s especially hard when we think they’re not even sorry. At times like that, it’s important to remember what God has done for us. You see, we’ve offended Him in the worst way – by our sinful nature and by the things we’ve done against His Law. He tells us not to steal, but then we download a copyrighted song from the Internet without paying for it. He tells us not to murder, but then we hate someone in our heart. He tells us we should have no other gods, but then we make friendships or sports more important in our life than He is.

We often sin agains God in the things we do, say, and think. We don’t even say we’re sorry. Ian was definitely wrong in what he did to Alexandra. She had no control over that, but she did have control over her response.

Living the life of a Christian is not easy. God holds us to a high standard, to forgive even when we don’t feel like it. But what He has given is far more important than getting an apology from someone who has hurt us. He’s given complete forgiveness and the promise of eternal life. In Christ’s death on the cross, God has secured forgiveness for our sins, and for that we can be truly thankful.

Journal: Write about a sin someone committed against you and your feelings. Then, with a big brown marker, draw a cross over what you wrote.

Pray: Dear Jesus, it is often hard to forgive others. Please help me remember the kindness You have shown to me and so to be kind and forgiving. In Your name I pray. Amen.