John 9:18-41

John 9:18-41

Today we continue our reading of the “scenes” in John 9.

Scene 5 (John 9:18-23)—The power struggle increases. The enemies of Jesus do not believe the man who has received his sight, so they ask his parents: Is this your son? And, if he was healed, how did that happen? The parents are so scared of being driven out of the synagogue that they tell them to ask their son: “He’s old enough.”

Scene 6 (John 9:24-34)—The Pharisees summon the man who was blind and now (supposedly) is healed and accuse him of being a sinner. The man, who is drawing on another sort of healing, replies that all he knows is that he was blind and now can see. They keep asking the same questions. Finally the man comes back with a question: “Why do you want to hear the answer again?” Slyly, he asks, “Do you also want to be his disciple?” The Pharisees are angry! Then come the Pharisees’ theological lecture, full of certainty and—dead wrong. John 9:30-33 relays the truth of God.

Scene 7 (John 9:35-38)—Hearing what is happening, Jesus finds the man born blind and guides him through to the wonderful words of confession: “Lord, I believe.” And the man worships Jesus.

Scene 8 (John 9:39-41)—Finally, Jesus’ summary turns things upside down: “I came for judgment so that those who do not see may see, and those who think they see may become blind.”

Lord Jesus Christ, bend your ear to our prayers and come among us. Bring light into the darkness of our hearts and anoint us with your Spirit. Amen.

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