John 11:1-45

John 11:1-45

We are pretty orientated toward the cognitive in our religious expression. We work hard to understand, to know, to figure things out and to keep our doctrine in harmony with our traditions. The head gives us guidance and insight, but the heart gives us strength and power. It’s like the tiller and the sail—one gives direction and the other the power to drive the ship.

Jesus often appealed to reason when he taught and critiqued his Jewish tradition. But here, in the shortest verse of the Bible, we see his heart: “Jesus began to weep.” His feelings were evident to everybody. Even the Jews said, “See how he loved him.”

In this brief verse we see Jesus’ empathy, his ability to know things through the heart as well as the head and his capacity for solidarity with us when we are in pain or grief. His tears remind us how deeply and strongly he loved. He was driven to the cross to redeem those whom he loved. Let us hold fast to his love!

Holy Spirit, speak to us through our minds and also through our feelings. Help us serve you and our neighbors with our hearts and heads. Amen.

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