“God, Whose Almighty Word”

“God, Whose Almighty Word”

“Spirit of truth and love, life-giving holy dove, speed forth your flight;

Move on the water’s face bearing the lamp of grace, and in earth’s darkest place

Let there be light.

Holy and blessed three, glorious Trinity, Wisdom, Love, Might:

Boundless as ocean’s tide, rolling in fullest pride, through the earth, far and wide,

Let there be light.”

Creator, Redeemer, Servant, Lord, Forgiver, Word, Life-giver, Light-bringer—the Holy Trinity is our God, revealed in Jesus, the Son, crucified, and raised from death. The names and titles for God seem to multiply each day—a result of our understanding even better each day God’s words and actions, prayers and judgments, hopes and fears, forgiveness and love and faith beyond all expectations.

If we don’t find ways and time to ponder who God is and what God wants and works for, perhaps our God is too small. Maybe we have latched on to only one little word or event which now has become insufficient for understanding what God is about in our world. Perhaps we, too, need the light, so we can see and be seen and discover God’s size. We might begin by reading aloud the four verses of this hymn, “God Whose Almighty Word.”

Dear God, help me know you better, love you more and serve you and your world more willingly. Remind me also that praying doesn’t require being alone. O God, you also reach me through others— and others through me—though I often need a little push to get going. I am very glad that we pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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