Devotions for Advent: December 2, 2014

Micah 4:1-5

Do you have a truth-teller in your life? Someone who you know has your back but also isn’t afraid to say that you’re headed in the wrong direction? Truth-tellers can be hard to listen to, but hopefully they can be trusted—because they deliver that truth in love.

Micah was such a truth-teller. Israel was facing certain defeat at the hands of the mighty Assyrian army. Their only chance for survival was to put their trust in God. Yet their worship had become hollow, their sense of justice distorted. Micah’s words both call the people to account for their failings, and cast a vision for what life could be like if they change their ways.

Advent can be a truth-telling time—a time of reflection and repentance, a chance to focus on how your priorities and values align with those of Jesus. What might Micah’s call to “return to God” say to you this season?

Help me take a good look at myself, Lord, and see those places that reflect your will—and those that draw me away from you. Amen.

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