“Dark Night of the Soul”

Psalm 130

Depression can be deep and dark, coupled with the overwhelming feeling that escape is impossible. This touching Psalm goes with us into the “dark night of the soul.”

Psalm 130: “Out of the depths I cry unto you,” goes far deeper into life’s sorrows than a bout with the blues or a depressed feeling. For many folks, the pit is so deep and dark that they can’t climb out. Those feelings of deep sorrow, grief or profound sadness will assail all of us at one time or another.

Maybe that’s why the author of this Psalm doesn’t ask for anything beyond God’s attention. The writer doesn’t know what to ask for, or how to imagine anything besides the present depths and darkness.

That’s a despair that can surround us, pull us down and trap us in a Slough of Despond, as described in “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” a classic image of hopelessness.

So we and the psalmist hold fast and wait; that’s all we can do. We wait for the Lord who loves us and we hope that God knows the way out— because we don’t. We cry out from the depths and hold fast to God’s promises.

Hear me, O God, when I am too confused, depressed and sorrowful to know what to do or say. Hear me and show me your steadfast love! Amen.

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