Cherub and Junior Choir News


We are off and singing!  We hope the Congregation enjoyed one of our favorites, “Pumpkin Patch”, on October 20.  What a great song!  Thanks to: Abby McCarty, Elizabeth Evans, Rachel Evans and Landon Jolly for blending their voices so wonderfully.

children singing


Please keep in mind that standing in front of your Congregation can be a scary experience.  Don’t forget to always put the kids at ease by smiling at them as they perform.  They enjoy your applause, but also, take the time to tell them how much you appreciate them.  Everyone likes to know they are appreciated.


Be on the lookout for a little something different from the Junior Choir in November.  We will be trying a new twist on a popular old hymn.  (Hint: Don’t forget to count your blessings.)


It’s not too late to join the choirs!  If you are between the ages of 2 and Sixth Grade, we have a singing opportunity for you.