Romans 5:1-11

Access is something that concerns many of us much of the time. People want to have access to good jobs and a comfortable style of living. Others strive to have access to positions of power or prestige, ease or happiness. Whenever we try to Google something, we hope to gain access to the answers to life’s persistent questions. St. Paul in today’s text declares that we have obtained access to grace because we are justified by faith and have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.

This latter claim is deep theology. Yet it is a comforting word to the lonely and distressed. It is uplifting to know we have access to grace and to God. It is also a challenge to see if God has access to us. We often boast of our own merits or status. But Paul points out that we should really boast of our sufferings, because suffering leads to endurance and character, which in turn leads to hope that does not disappoint. Talk about access!

Forbid it, Lord, that we should boast, save in the death of Christ our God. All the vain things that charm us most, we sacrifice them to his blood. Amen.

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